LEXA Earth includes all events offered by Lexa including organizing and management of luxury events, government & private events, road shows including financial market, expositions, seminars, fashion shows, concerts, lavish parties, conferences, social events e.g. summer camp for children, game shows, fun events, corporate golf tours, corporate family carnival, brand launches, brand promotion and management, cultural events & celebrity management, award nights, entertainment shows, music shows, exhibitions, star nights, event management shows, fashion shows, organizing fairs, expositions, meets, product launches, concerts, gala dinners, weddings, pandals, religious events, government, college and school festivals, theme parties, Online promotion and Execution of events, concerts, live shows, parties and sale of tickets.

Registration and payment for these events are made via the on-line registration process through the Lexa’s Event website

  • Payment options are by either credit/debit card, UPI, Net banking at the time of registering, or by direct deposit. Credit/debit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard and American Express
  • An auto-generated Confirmation of Registration email will be forwarded to the registrant within 1 hour of the on-line registration completion confirming details of the event.
  • If the Direct payment option is selected, an invoice will be emailed to the registrant. An Invoice will be available to be printed or saved to the registrant’s computer.

Lexa Earth and Extraordinary Awards will not be responsible for any event of failure in payment, even in case of the amount being debited from the Participant’s account.

All online event registrations and tickets are non-refundable.

It’s participants’ responsibility to be able to access the online submissions and registrations. There are no refunds for missed uploads or delays due to technical issues, connectivity or other problems. Please carefully review the final submission before you submit. If you enrolled in multiple categories, and if you decide to cancel, There is no refunds.